Ocean Wave - LimeStone Sculpture

Ocean Wave -  LimeStone Sculpture
Ola de mar - Escultura en piedra caliza
35 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm
(c) kiyary 2012

This sculpture was made from the design I made earlier here. It ended up a little bit different, but as always, the sculpture evolves and changes while its in the process of been made. 
The sculpture has two ways of standing, this is my favorite one, it gives it some kind of contrast, the lines and straight surface in the back versus the curve and roundness in the front.
It was suppose to take me some months to make this, but thanks to some help I received, it only took me five days of really really hard work. Luckily I could put my hands on one of those wonderful electric tools, if else, I could not have finish it on time.