The Hiking Painter: Peñerudes - Los Alfilorios Reservoir

The Hiking Painter
2017 June 5
Peñerudes - Embalse de los Alfilorios

Hello World!
On my last hike I was lucky enough to have some friends coming along with me, since I usually go by myself, this was a wonderful opportunity to do different activities in the open air besides painting.

Our first plan was to go on a hiking trail in La Collada up to Monsacro, but when we were half trail there, it started drizzling, we found some nice people who advised us that up in Monsacro was actually raining, and my friends were not wearing appropriate shoes, so we had to head back and look for an alternative. This actually turned unexpectedly better, since the place we found in Peñerudes was completely clear from people, something I really enjoy to be able to paint without many observants.

Here are the paintings I did, as well as a video, where you can see a shot of my painting easel inspired by James Gurney's lightweight easel  (check out his blog and his videos on youtube, he is one of my daily inspirations!)