The Hiking Painter: San Andres Waterfalls of Guanga

The Hiking Painter
2017 May 24
San Andres - Cascadas de Guanga 

Hello World!
On my last hike I went to the town of San Andres, in Asturias - Spain. I choose this hiking route due to its beauty and the fact that it has waterfalls! The Waterfalls of Guanga.

I managed to paint a few quick landscape paintings, a close up of some flowers, and a view of one of the waterfalls. 

This wouldn't be a hiking post without the indications to get there, so here is the link from wikiloc if you are around the site. 

Here is a video of my adventure! There was a moment when I got lost haha! I must say, I did this route twice, first I went by myself, and the second time I got some friends who came along. :)

Brushes, out!