Pleinair Painting Blog 20170501

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The Hiking Painter
2017 May 01

I've decided to start blogging my pleinair painting process!
Tellego, Asturias
Gouache and Watercolor on Arches 140lbs
10 x 15cm
Today I decided to go anywhere where I could see the mountains, and since I'm living in Asturias, you can almost see the mountains from anywhere. Still, I needed to feel that I was indeed in the mountain itself. So, following a friend's advice, I went to a cute town nearby called Soto del Rey, and from there I went to Tellego. There were not many people, some random runners and bikers on the route, but that's about it. It was my first time going on a hike by myself just to paint, and that actually felt great. I plan on doing this every week, let's see how it turns out! :)
Soto del Rey, Asturias
Gouache and Watercolor on Arches 140lbs
10 x 15cm

After a light walk around the little town, I went on up to a friend's town called Tellego. Just 30min away from where I was previously, where I found a very curios cow. She approached me so closely I thought she was going to jump and hug me haha!

I stayed there to capture the landscape, they also had a bar in the area if you get hungry! The people were really friendly and charming. I couldn't paint anymore since the sky turned really rainy and it started drizzling. 
So forth until my next pleinairhike! :)