Storyteller and Editorial illustrator with unquenchable curiosity.
Mestiza. Immigrant. Avid reader.
Advocate for justice and human rights. Nature and environment passionate. Hungry for knowledge.
Love to paint landscapes and cats for fun.

Selected Clients
 Oviedo Animal Shelter, Spirit Hoods LLC, Mi Barquito de Palet, Bloggirls 2.0, Asador de Aranda, EKADEX SL, Lince Envios SL

Jira Naranco Plein Air Painting Contest Mention of Honor;
National Leadership & Service Award, U.S. Achievements Academy USA;
National Science Award, United States Achievements Academy USA.

Galleries and Shows
"El Arte de Ilustrar" (2017) - "400 años con Cervantes" (2016) - "Asturias 3.0: From Legend to paper" (2016)
 "Migraciones" (2016) - "Entorno" (2015) - "YoExpongo en el Reina" (2013)
"Fuera de Lugar" (2011) - "Dibujo Anónimo" (2011)